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Cash Management

The Cash Management professionals at Allied Fin Bank want to be your financial partner. We are dedicated to helping our business partners grow and we can provide you with the appropriate products and services to make that happen.

Because of this commitment, you will find a full range of innovative collection, disbursement and reporting services offered by all the banks in our holding company. Designed to work together, Allied Fin Bank Cash Management services help your company collect its money faster, hold it longer and invest it sooner.

Collection Services:

  • Lockbox Service expedites the collection process and increases funds availability.
  • Cash Concentration allows you to minimize idle cash in local depositories by concentrating funds quickly and efficiently.
  • Electronic Receivables lets you receive electronic payments with remittance detail that can include invoice information, discounts and adjustments.

Disbursement Services :

  • Controlled Disbursement provides mid-morning totals and lists of checks that will clear your account on a given day. This will help you determine your company's cash position in order to maximize your investment opportunities or minimize your borrowings on a line of credit.
  • Positive Pay is designed to offer maximum security and peace of mind against possible check fraud by only honoring those checks for which your company has provided issue information.
  • A Zero Balance Account eliminates the need for manual transfers and the chance of an overdraft by automatically funding the account when checks are presented for payment.
  • Direct Deposit provides a safe and convenient way of eliminating the costs associated with paying your employees by check. The "Bank of Choice" program provides a package of free and discounted services to the employees of commercial customers who have their paychecks direct deposited into an account at Allied Fin Bank.
  • Wire Transfers allows you to move money to any bank in the country on-line at reduced costs. EFTPS offers a fast, safe and convenient way to pay Federal and State Taxes via a touch-tone phone, fax, or PC.